Introducing assyst iPaaS - The future of assyst Integrations

This session will introduce the assyst Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Targeted for admins, we will explain the web-based service that allows them to interact with the assyst CMDB through assystREST. We will cover the assystETM tool, which adds and updates data  from a range of data sources including email & file server directories, and in a variety of formats including text, CSV, Excel, Email and Legacy Import Processor format. assystETM can be used for one-time data loads and for ongoing structured integrations.

Future plans for iPaaS to include assyst Orchestrations Services Manager (assystOSM) and assyst Advanced Integrations Services (assystAIS) will also be covered.

Overview webinar
Speaker: TBD
Date: November 2017

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Did you know….ways Axios can help you grow

The assyst product is just one of many pieces that Axios offers to support you in your Service Management journey. Utilizing these resources can help you get to the next level in your use of the product and ITSM maturity. This session is focused on highlighting the various ways Axios & assyst can help you move the needle in the right direction.

This will include information on:

  • Integrations
  • Service Value Index Assessment
  • Continuing Education
  • Healthcheck
  • Process Review
  • Joint Marketing Sessions
  • Customer Connect
  • Usage Interviews
  • Customer Enablement Series
  • LinkedIn Axios Professional Group
  • Known Error Database
Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: TBD
Date: December 2017

Coming Soon 

Customer Enablement Series

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