CMDB, Asset & Configuration Management

Properly implementing a CMDB can be a large undertaking, but if a well-thought-out plan is created and carried out, it can help make the organization more efficient and provide useful metrics to aid in managing the infrastructure.

This webinar will provide some guidelines for initial planning to help ensure your CMDB project is a success and help you avoid the two most common causes of failed CMDB projects, which are:

  • Lack of clear business requirements for the project
  • Too large of a scope for the initial phase. Scope challenges can present themselves in two primary ways:
    • An initial scope that is too large
    • Scope creep once the project is started

We will also cover a few examples our customers are doing with the CMDB, ranging from simple quick wins to more advanced implementations. This is the first in our CMDB series to help get you on your way to greater IT operation efficiencies and higher business value by controlling both IT Service and Asset management in one integrated solution.

During the training webinar, Cathi Davey, Axios Systems, will provide training for the following:

  • An Overview of the assyst CMDB
  • The assyst Product Structure
  • The CI form
    • CI Details
    • Maintaining Status
    • Relationships and the Impact Explorer
    • Vendors, Contracts and POs
  • Customizing CI Forms
  • The Item Monitor
    • Searching for Assets
    • Mass Updating Assets
    • Configuring Item Privileges

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems. With Special Guest, Phil Trant.
Date: May 2017


Session: Training webinar
Speaker: Cathi Davey, Chief Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: May 2017


Change Management

The purpose of Change Management is to control the life-cycle of all changes, enabling beneficial changes to be made with minimum disruption to the maintained IT services. In assyst, Change can range from simple Event creation and assignment using Actions, to a Dynamic Workflow embodying your corporate processes integrating with other applications, suppliers and workflows in parallel.

During this Overview Webinar, Martin Fraser, from Axios Global Services will provide guidance on how to distinguish between, and manage the process of Standard and Normal Changes within your organization. Chris Torma, from Glacier Bancorp will then share how he and his team have improved their Change Management process, and use assyst to:

  • Bring transparency to the process
  • Facilitate investment from leadership
  • Deliver valuable tools to managers and supervisors

During the training webinar, Karen Adornetti, Axios Systems, will provide training for the following:

  • Audit logs for changes
  • Reports
  • Change freezes
  • Maintenance windows
  • Decisions via email
  • Working with expressions

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Martin Fraser assyst Consultant, Axios Systems. Chris Torma Change Manager, Glacier Bancorp.
Date: April 2017


Session: Training webinar
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: April 2017


Managing Upgrades

Upgrades introduce improvements and new features that continually increase your efficiency and improve your return on your ITSM investment. At Axios, we recognize the daunting task of upgrading typical software so we’ve architected our system to allow your customizations and configurations to be retained upon upgrade. Using the latest version also ensures that you can take advantage of fixes and avoid issues that have already been corrected.

During this session, Jim Sheats, from FedEx Express, and Phil Trant, from Axios Global Services, will share their experiences and discuss the following topics:

  • Overview of the Upgrade process
  • SaaS vs On-Premise
  • People, process and technology decisions that need to be made
  • Pitfalls to avoid and tips for success

Session: Customer webinar
Speaker: Phil Trant - Managing Consultant, NA, Axios Systems. Jim Sheats - Technical Operations Advisor, FedEx.
Date: March 2017


assyst10 SP7.5 Deep Dive

In this webinar, Cathi Davey, Chief Solutions Architect at Axios Systems, will provide a deep dive into the latest release of assyst.

New features include:

End users:

  • New & improved End User Interface
  • Increased configuration options for Search
  • Added lookup and filtering options
  • Added report viewing & exporting options for end users


  • Expanded column options for the monitors
  • Ability to report on shared custom fields
  • Ability to email report results to subscribers
  • Additional report templates released for the Reporting Wizard


  • Additional debug info for action templates
  • Major Category, Event Builders and Models added to CSG restrictions
  • Read-only replicated Reporting Server supported for scheduling
  • Enhanced Architecture: Java 8 support, MS SQL 2016 64-bit Enterprise & Standard support, Wildfly 10 replaces JBOSS, BIRT engine upgraded.

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Cathi Davey, Chief Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: February 2016


Continual Service Improvement

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is integral for any program to be successful. The Customer Success Program (CSP) is based on CSI as well as a mutual partnership between Axios and you, our customers. We are committed to working together to establish, plan, and achieve goals throughout your IT Service Management (ITSM) journey. Having the right people, the right product, and the right processes are the critical success factors to drive a successful partnership.

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to invite you to help us in our ongoing effort to improve. Thanks to your feedback so far, we have made many strides and are excited to implement more of your requests. Join us as we take a look at how the program has evolved since its inception and hear about our plans for expanding in 2017.

Session: Customer webinar
Speaker: Cathi Davey, Chief Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: December 2016


Software Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) share the same goal – managing technology to deliver business value. They’re part of the same machine, so it makes sense to help IT Asset Managers work in harmony with IT Service Managers – sharing tools and information to improve efficiency of IT operations and deliver more value to the business at a lower cost. That’s why we’re continually evolving the ITAM capabilities of our assyst product - to help you deliver more business value from technology.

Join us as we discuss how assyst, the first tool verified for all 16 PinkVERIFY™ processes, can help you enable greater IT operation efficiencies and higher business value by controlling both IT Service and Asset management in one integrated solution.

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Laura Herr, ITAM Product Specialist, Axios Systems. Mike Stickle, Business Solution Consultant, Axios Systems.
Date: November 2016


Session: Training webinar
Speaker: Laura Herr, ITAM Product Specialist, Axios Systems. Mike Stickle, Business Solution Consultant, Axios Systems.
Date: November 2016


Partnering With Axios

Success in ITSM is all about the right balance of people, process and technology. We've created this webinar to show you how we can work in partnership to create a tailored program that ensures your ITSM implementation is a success.

In this session you will see:

  • The benefits of working in partnership with Axios and the services available to you.
  • An update from Service Operations Manager, Marc Marenghi, on the steps the Service Desk is taking to improve your customer experience.

Session: Training webinar
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems. Marc Marenghi, Service Operations Manager, Axios Systems.
Date: October 2016


Did you know….ways Axios can help you grow

The assyst product is just one of many pieces that Axios offers to support you in your Service Management journey. Utilizing these resources can help you get to the next level in your use of the product and ITSM maturity. This session is focused on highlighting the various ways Axios & assyst can help you move the needle in the right direction.

This will include information on:

  • Integrations
  • Service Value Index Assessment
  • Continuing Education
  • Healthcheck
  • Process Review
  • Joint Marketing Sessions
  • Customer Connect
  • Usage Interviews
  • Customer Enablement Series
  • LinkedIn Axios Professionals Group
  • Known Error Database

Session: Training Session and Roundtable Discussion
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: September 2016


Improving Your Support Team’s Effectiveness

Implementing a new ITSM application, or upgrading to the latest release is only a small part of the journey to improve overall Customer Service. Organizations often miss a golden opportunity afforded to them at various milestones along the way to improve team performance through soft skill development and organizational change.

During this session we will:

  • Examine management techniques that can be used to improve team consistency
  • Examine how CSI can be used to get support on board with change
  • Discuss organizational approaches to improve various KPI’s
  • Examine areas in assyst that are often overlooked, but can improve support effectiveness

Session: Customer webinar
Speaker: Martin Fraser, ITSM Consultant, Axios Systems.
Date: August 2016


Improving Communication with the Business

A starting point for IT effectiveness is better communication between IT and the business. They need to sit down and talk to each other, breaking down barriers. Quite often IT puts in place what it thinks the business needs, which can be a million miles away from reality. It’s a two-way process, and the business must involve IT management at an early stage, explaining what it wants and why.

In this session, we will share steps on how to improve communication with the business. We will also have a customer success story to share with you on ways they were able to reduce noise and improve communication internally.

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Martin Fraser, Axios Consultant and Steve Betker, System. Administrator at Merrill Corporation.
Date: April 2016


Session: Training webinar
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: April 2016


Service Catalog

In the past, IT organizations have seen service catalogs as silver-bullet solutions to IT problems, driven by the need to improve internal IT metrics. But this inward-facing agenda doesn’t address today’s business challenges, such as supporting mobile devices, orchestration and cloud provisioning, non-IT services and a 24×7 global workforce. A properly-built service catalog will empower end users to log their own service requests via an automated web portal, saving the service desk the headaches that come with uptake and downtime.

In this session, Phil Trant, Managing Consultant here at Axios Systems shares:

  • The key steps to building, launching, and maintaining a successful Service Catalog that meets the needs of the organization as a whole.
  • Examples of how Fife Council have used their catalog to help streamline IT operations, reduce costs, improve business value from services and increase customer satisfaction.

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Phil Trant, ITSM Consultant, Axios Systems.
Date: March 2016


Session: Training webinar
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: March 2016



The assyst solution lets you manage the full lifecycle of assets, services and support events in one integrated application. Through information sharing between IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes, assyst helps you realize optimized cost and performance benefits in both of these key IT areas. Every asset can be recorded in a service-oriented context, which can show exactly how each asset fits into the technology stack and what it means to the business.

In this session, Joshua Smith, ITSM Consultant here at Axios Systems, and Laura Herr, ITAM Specialist, will share the key steps to building, automating, and maintaining a successful Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that meets the needs of the organization as a whole. Jim Sheats, Tech Ops Advisor at FedEx Express and Corrine Siba, Manager of IS Operations at Plains Midstream Canada, will share with you how their CMDBs helped to reduce costs, reduce risk and optimize software licenses.

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Joshua Smith, ITSM Consultant, Axios Systems. Jim Sheats, Tech Ops Advisor, FedEx Express. Corrine Siba, Manager of IS Operations, Plains Midstream Canada.
Date: November 2015


Session: Training webinar
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: December 2015


The latest and upcoming features in assyst10 SP7

In this webinar, Cathi Davey, Chief Solutions Architect here at Axios Systems, will showcase the new features that have been introduced to the product in 2015. We will cover three main themes, including user experience, performance and flexibility.

This webinar covers:

  • New UI look & feel
  • Usability enhancements
  • New KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) features
  • New action templates
  • Administration enhancements
  • Enhanced Asset Management
  • Reporting enhancements
  • End user enhancements
  • assyst roadmap

Session: Customer webinar
Speaker: Cathi Davey, Chief Solutions Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: November 2015


Enterprise Service Management

The CIO’s number one challenge is to support and enable other business areas; indeed, latest industry research has shown 82% of CIO's key priority in the next 18 months is to support new business needs beyond those of traditional IT. This key challenge has been the rallying call for the development of ITSM towards a solution which will deliver new service requirements to the whole enterprise.

The webinar will focus on how service management models, tools and practices can be applied to other non-IT service domains within the business. ITSM consultant and guru, Brian Hendry, will provide an introduction to the rise of Enterprise Service Management, the opportunities for IT and its role as the agent for change. Graham Mitchell, Head of IT Support at the Scottish Government, will also share with you the government’s challenges and their experience of moving the service management provision beyond IT to HR, Finance and even Agriculture.

Graham Mitchell will discuss:

  • How the Scottish Government use assyst, both in IT and other service departments
  • Getting executive buy-in from the business and ensuring internal business alignment
  • Breaking down silos and reducing technology costs
  • How the Scottish Government drove end user adoption

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Graham Mitchell, Head of IT Support Services, The Scottish Government. Brian Hendry, Service Development Manager, Axios Systems.
Date: August 2015


Session: Training webinar
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: September 2016



Knowledge is the lifeblood of an organization. Cut off the flow of knowledge and the organization will wither. Promote the flow of knowledge and the organization will become more healthy and agile. Knowledge is a key enabler of productivity in every area of the business – and IT is no exception.

In this webinar, Joshua Smith, ITSM Consultant at Axios:

  • Discusses why knowledge and self-service present clear, measureable value that can improve support and ROI.
  • Provides a detailed review of the knowledge functionality that is available in assyst.
  • Shares first-hand experience from his time at Mohawk Industries in capturing, sharing and reusing knowledge to stop the break-fix rut and become innovators for the business.

Session: Overview webinar
Speaker: Joshua Smith, assyst Consultant, Axios Systems.
Date: June 2015


Session: Training Webinar
Speaker: Karen Adornetti, Solution Architect, Axios Systems.
Date: July 2015


How Xentrall turned around their Service Desk with the help of self-service

In this webinar, Ollie Plumpton, Assistant Head of ICT Services at Xentrall, presents a webinar on how Xentrall turned around their Service Desk with the help of self-service.

The webinar covers:

  • The challenge Xentrall faced and their desire to increase efficiency and reduce transaction costs
  • How assyst has helped Xentrall overcome these issues including:◦How they successfully rolled out self-service through assystNET, including tips for a successful launch / rollout
    • Effect of channel shift
    • Effect on customer satisfaction
    • Lessons learned

Session: Customer webinar
Speaker: Ollie Plumpton, Assistant Head of ICT Services, Xentrall.
Date: June 2014


How Mohawk rolled out their global Service Catalog

During our recent webinar, Joshua Smith (ITSM Team Lead at Mohawk Industries) explored how they rolled out a Service Catalog and Self-Service Portal on a global scale to both IT and non IT operations.

The webinar covers:

  • The challenge Mohawk faced: improving self-service to reflect 70% eticket vs. 30% calls
  • How they successfully launched a global-scale Service Catalog
  • How assyst has allowed Mohawk HR to form an HR Center of Excellence

Session: Customer webinar
Speaker: Joshua Smith, ITSM Team Lead, Mohawk Industries.
Date: October 2013


Social IT, Collaboration and IT Resource Performance Management (ITRPM)

Our own Brian Hendry (Service Development Manager) explored how Collaboration and Gamification can take ITSM to a whole new level, and how assyst’s new features can help get you there. Brian discussed how:

  • Collaboration and Gamification drive ITSM improvement
  • Collaboration and Gamification change behavior, encourage skill development, drive innovation, improve IT morale, and increase business user satisfaction
  • assyst drives greater levels of Collaboration with its built-in IT Resource Performance Management (ITRPM) functionality

Also see a live demo of assyst's new Social IT features:

  • See assyst help users improve their performance by focusing on and being rewarded for actions that drive long term value
  • Watch as teamwork is promoted through collaborations and content is captured to build the knowledgebase
  • See Business Users help other Business Users get the most out of their applications

Session: Customer webinar
Speaker: Brian Hendry, Service Development Manager, Axios Systems.
Date: July 2013


Customer Enablement Series

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