With IT budgets remaining flat but pressure still increasing from the business, many IT departments are struggling to meet expectations. The digitalization of business and the consumerization of IT are increasing the pace at which the business demands new solutions - but IT is tied up fighting support issues. IT needs to shift performance up a gear in order to become more responsive to emerging business needs.

New automation, collaboration, gamification and mobile are four key ITSM technologies which will enable you to meet this challenge. In this video, George Spalding and Brian Kerr discuss how you can integrate collaboration, mobility and game mechanics into your IT operations to support the shift from fire-fighting to innovation.

This on-demand video will reveal:
  1. Practical examples of incorporating user collaboration into support processes to increase efficiency.
  2. How to improve end user satisfaction by promoting knowledge sharing and user advice rating through gamification.
  3. Increase flexibility and delivery of support through increased user mobility.

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