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John Rakowski Bio
As Analyst and Advisor at Forrester, John’s research focuses on service management strategy, adoption, and implementation. In particular, John helps IT leaders and their teams understand the business value of service management, develop their strategy, evaluate and select vendor tools, and implement service management processes such as ITIL. Additionally, John focuses on the organizational impact of service management and its relationship to broader IT trends such as cloud computing.
In our recent webinar with Forrester’s Eveline Oehrlich on Why ITSM Maturity Should Drive Solution Replacement, 56% of attendees indicated that they did not have an IT maturity roadmap.

In this on demand webinar, John Rakowski, Analyst and Advisor at Forrester Research, discusses the current state of IT maturity and how to increase your maturity level to improve your services and support. John is joined by Jason Hopwood, Senior Business Solutions Consultant at Axios Systems, who demonstrates how you can get to the next level of IT maturity and support your business objectives with the right expertise, processes and ITSM software. Joshua Smith, ITSM team lead for Mohawk Industries then talks about how they have used assyst to improve their IT maturity.

What you will learn:
  • Why IT maturity is important
  • How to measure your maturity level
  • How you can increase your maturity – creating a maturity roadmap
  • Sustaining an IT Maturity roadmap for long-term business success