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2012 Gartner Critical Capabilities for IT Service Catalog

Axios is delighted to be included in the 2012 Gartner Critical Capabilities for IT Service Catalog report, and thrilled to be positioned highest of any ITSM vendor. The report focused on nine critical capabilities which Gartner defines as “attributes that differentiate products in a class in terms of their quality and performance.”

The assyst Service Catalog has been ranked #1 of all ITSM vendors in the Product Rating Chart and Overall Use Case.
Follow the links below to learn more and read the full Gartner report.

Gartner Report
Instant access to the full report: "Gartner Critical Capabilities for IT Service Catalog"
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Solution Overview
Find out why our Service Catalog is ranked #1

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What is a Service Catalog?

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Service Catalog is key to better IT

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See the assyst Service Catalog in action

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Service Catalog implementation challenges

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Gartner recommends that “users consider the set of critical capabilities as some of the most important criteria for acquisition decisions” and that clients “looking to deploy an IT service catalog in the next 12 months should use this research to understand how some vendors in this space deliver their toolsets against the documented critical capabilities.”
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