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In today’s mobile, global business world, the traditional service desk model no longer fits the needs of IT customers. Business users simply aren’t satisfied with what IT currently provides. IT business users want to interact with IT in ways that suit them. Phone and fax are being replaced by email, web chat, instant messaging, enterprise social networking and crowdsourcing. IT is often left scrambling to keep up with the business and business user demand.

How ITSM can help solve this problem

In this exclusive Axios whitepaper, Sharon Taylor, President of Aspect Group, Inc. and Former Chief Architect of ITIL v3, explores how organizations can use Social IT Management strategies and technology to improve the business user experience:

  • How business users want to be supported today
  • Improve the business user experience by letting them choose the way they interact with IT
  • The ROI of Social IT Management support
  • How ITSM tools are an integral part of a Social IT Management strategy

Sharon Taylor Bio

Sharon Taylor is well known and respected in the ITSM global community. She is the President of the Aspect Group, a North American ITSM practice provider of training, consultancy, assessment and best practice implementation. Sharon lives in Canada and has made notable contributions to ITSM over the past 15 years as an author of ITIL, whitepapers and various ITSM publications.